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Lost hope in free daylong

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Posted 2022-January-29, 07:36


I usually play the free daylong tournement, but as I am beginner I come way down in the list, and lose hope.
Is it possible to create certain divisions for the free daylong, for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert players in each 4 divisions?


Anders Wennerblom

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Posted 2022-January-29, 14:23

practice makes perfect...sometimes i score great and sometimes i suck thats part of bridge.
....its the learning process!

good luck

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Posted 2022-January-29, 16:20

In the end you are playing to see if you can do better than you did last time.
That's the good thing about games - there's a 'next time'. Mistakes don't come back to haunt you.

It doesn't really matter what others do.
non est deus ex machina; även maskiner behöver lite kärlek, J'ai toujours misé sur l'étrange gentillesse des robots.

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Posted Yesterday, 05:16

If you misbid or misplay or misdefend a hand or two in a daylong, then your mentality should be that you will do better next time.
Improving your bridge is a slow, ongoing process.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:44


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Posted Yesterday, 13:56

In the old days you had to play against everyone. It helped you learn, sometimes with some embarrassment. Now you get private feedback. When I score poorly I often know why- but I look
at what happened on my really poor scores- was it me, was it luck, was it those crazy robot responses to my bid or play?

Develop some friends at your (or mentors if available) to go over the hands with and see how the play could improve. Sometimes you develop great partnerships for the future.
And it is judgement that often is critical as well as pure technique.

Your interest shows that you will in time become much, much better!

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